Styles of Vinyl Replacement Windows for Homes in Dover, DE

vinyl replacement windows DoverHas the time come to install vinyl replacement windows on your Dover, Delaware, home, but you are not sure which style to choose? When you are replacing your windows, you have the opportunity to completely revitalize the look and feel of your home. You don’t have to simply replace your window with the same style of window that you had before, even though many homeowners opt to go that route.

So, before you replace your old windows, consider some of the options included in the list below:

Single-hung windows – One of the most traditional windows and by far one of the simplest styles available, the single-hung window is a popular choice both for its affordability and its timeless nature. Single-hung vinyl replacement windows evoke the look of the classic sash window and are easy to operate, as only the lower sash moves up and down within the frame. Some models allow you to tilt the lower sash so you can easily clean the outside face.

Double-hung windows – Double-hung windows operate similarly to single-hung windows, except both sashes slide vertically within the frame. Double-hung windows can also induce greater air circulation within your home, particularly when both sashes are opened halfway. Double-hung windows are usually popular installations for bedrooms and bathrooms, among other areas of the home.

Casement windows – What’s more charming than Old World Europe? Casement windows exude the classic antiquity of vintage Paris, London, Munich, and Rome, and are perfect additions for historic homes in Dover, Delaware, as well as modern homes that are just begging for a little touch of yesteryear.

Garden windows – Want to connect the inside of your home to the great outdoors? A garden window can allow you to do just that. Garden windows, which are boxy in shape, extend from the home and are built with a shelf on which you can place potted herbs or other plants. Garden windows are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

There are also many other styles of vinyl replacement windows, and you should be sure to talk with your Dover, DE, window installer about the options they have available. No matter what type of window you choose to have installed on your home, you can rest assured that if you are going with Pinnacle Energy, which uses only high-quality products, that your investment could easily last the life of your home.

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